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 ~Clan war's Rules~

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PostSubject: ~Clan war's Rules~   Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:46 pm

Seeing as i saw someone post a link to there forums trying to steal my person and lead people off of Scott's post i wanted to make these rules for the Clan topic's area


1. DO NOT post a link on someones clan post [ONLY IF ITS YOUR OWN POST/TOPIC] That leads to your OWN forums not someone Else's.For example on Scott's Clan thread jake posted saying
"Brent come join my clan" [LINK TO HIS FORUMS]
that is stealing/Leading If you do this you can have a 1 day ban/mute if its all the time a temp ban.
2.Make it original with ranks, Banners that being said DO NOT COPYRIGHT!
3.No Instant bumping. Bumping is when no one has replyed after awhile and you go on and post "All join!"
Bump within 1-2 days.
4.No Spamming this is Directed to bumping so it can be a 1 day ban/mute.
5.Do not steal people's clan that means after some time you make a clan with exact same everything
in other words DO NOT LEECH

~Follow these rules and you will be safe.~
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~Clan war's Rules~
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