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 The old rougescape wiki slayer guide.

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Support Staff

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PostSubject: The old rougescape wiki slayer guide.   Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:29 am

Hey guys, this is a slayer guide. Slayer on Rougescape is fairly
simple. Just kill the monsters your required to kill at the Slayer Task
Master. This Guide will also show what rewards you can get from slayer!
Enjoy, hope this helps!

First telly home if you are not there already. This can be done
by looking at the spellbooks and the first teleport in any of them
(normal, lunar, ancient) Then, talk to the person shown in the picture

Location and optionsAdded by Patfenn96

Now, once you have the task, just complete for your slayer points!

List of a few slayer tasks you can get, assuming 90+ slayer, are

Hard tasks: Green/Blue dragons (babies may not be killed as an
alternative) - Gargoyles (75) - Hellhounds - Nechrayaels (80) -
Bloodvelds (60) - Dust Devils (65) - Black Demons - Lesser Demons -
Abbysal Demons (85) - Dark Beasts (90)

Easy tasks: Goblins - Al-Kahrid Warriors - Rock Crabs - Giant Bats - Banshees - Chaos Dwarfs
Hard tasks give 3 points, sometimes the potential for 5, while easy give 1, also possibly giving 3 for specific monsters

Locations of the Monsters
Slayer Tower - Banshees, Bloodvelds, Dust Devils, Gargoyles, Nechrayaels, Abbysal Demons, Dark Beasts
Lumbridge - Goblins
Rock Crabs - That's a hard one Smile
Talvery Dungeon - Green Dragons, Giant Bats, Black Demons, Lesser Demons, Chaos Dwarfs - Hellhounds
AlKharid - Al-Kharid Warriors (use glory ammy)
Pk'ing telly (13)(18) - Green Drags

Once the server gets up I will put a reward picture in or just state them with the points neccessary.

Hope This Helps! Enjoy
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Rune Member
Rune Member

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PostSubject: Re: The old rougescape wiki slayer guide.   Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:42 pm

Good detailed
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The old rougescape wiki slayer guide.
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