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 Donation Prices

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PostSubject: Donation Prices   Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:14 pm

Hello guys. This is the new donation list.

Here's our prices:

Regular Donator- $15.00
Super Donator- $50.00
Mega Donator- $75.00


Max Cash-$10.00

Spirit sheild-10.00$

Blessed spirit shield-10.00

Spectral spirit shield-$15.00

Elysian spirit shield-$35.00

Divine spirit shield-$30.00

Arcane spirit shield-$35.00

Third age mage-$20.00

Third age melee-$20.00

Third age range-$20.00

Red h'ween mask-$20.00

Blue h'ween mask-$20.00

Green h'ween mask-$20.00

Bunny ears-$15.00

1000 dragon bones-$5.00

Red partyhat-$25.00

Yellow partyhat-$25.00

Green partyhat-$25.00

White partyhat-$20.00

Purple partyhat-$20.00

Blue partyhat-$30.00

Santa hat-$20.00


Dagon 'hai robes-$10.00


Dragon Claws-$20.00

Armadyl armour set-$20.00

Armadyl godsword-$15.00

Bandos godsword-$10.00

Saradomin godsword-$10.00

Zamorak godsword-$5.00

Chaotic rapier-$10.00

Chaotic longsword-$10.00

Chaotic Maul-$10.00

Chaotic staff-$10.00

Full Torva- 50$

Any 99 in a Stat- $7.00 or 8M RSGP
Any Stat Reset- $1.00 or 2M RSGP

If you wish to donate for another item, Please contact Luke ingame or on the forums through Personal message and you can work out a price.

If you have any items suggestions that could be added to this list, Please let Luke or Tyler know.

If you wish to donate for one of these items make sure you let Luke know.

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Donation Prices
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